The best regions and routes

Discover and explorer the best inland waterways to cruise


Sparkling wines and ancient timbered houses


Year-round sunshine!

Anjou - Loire

Castles and watermills; easy cruising for beginners

Aquitaine & Bordeaux

Heritage and beauty


A rich history, stunning scenery, valleys and forests

Bodrag River

Cruising in the world-famous Tokaj wine region


Peaceful cruising, fabulous seafood, crepes and cider

Burgundy Canal

History, vineyards and cuisine

Caledonian Canal

A serene escape with a fabulously dramatic backdrop


Flora & Fauna, seafood, vineyards, beaches and sun

Canal du Midi

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean sea

Central Canal

Vineyards, fine dining and market towns


Champagne houses, beautiful scenery and historical towns


Crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming and fishing

Dutch Waterways

Dutch Waterways


Delicious chocolates, lace-making and sandy beaches


Windmills, cheese, cycling and lively fishing villages

Loire Valley

Stunning chateaux and world-famous vineyards

Marano Lagoon

Beautiful beaches, fishing ports and rural cruising

Mecklenburg & Brandenburg

1000s of lakes and rivers; castles and vibrant towns

Nivernais & River Yonne

Peaceful canal & river cruises

Rideau Canal

The great outdoors

River Lot

Breath-taking scenery; for experienced boaters

River Saône

The perfect choices for watersports and cruising alike.

River Thames

Historical towns, culture and rural vistas

Rotterdam to Paris

Rotterdam to Paris


Lush landscapes, song and dance, myths and legends

Tisza River & Lakes

Swimming, fishing, Hungarian cuisine and culture

Venice Lagoon

Opulent, vibrant and buzzing with life


The heart and capital