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Île-de-France and Paris

As the River Seine flows towards Paris other rivers and canals join together to offer you an amazing journey.

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Île-de-France information


The Île-de-France means the "Island of France".

The  Île-de-France is part of the Paris basin, a large area where many of the rivers such as the Oise, the Marne and the Yonne flow from the north and east flow into the Seine. There is a dense network of canals within the area connecting the waterways allowing barges to cruise to and from Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. 

The region called Île-de-France has the capital city of Paris at its heart and other famous places such as Versailles, Fontainebleau, and Pontoise to name a few. Although the density of the population is high as you move away from the centre there are vast areas of beautiful landscape and forest and hills; castles of all ages are dotted about some hidden and others very prominent.

There is so much history in the Île-de-France and Paris

Information, history and details of the waterways in this region

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