Loire Valley

Loire Valley

Stunning chateaux and world-famous vineyards

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The Loire valley invites wine connoisseurs and historians alike to discover it's natural beauty.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000, the Loire Valley is characterised by the pomp and splendour of its extravagant châteaux and its gentle, rolling landscape. Referred to as the "garden of France", this fertile region boasts abundant fruit and vegetables as well as the vineyards for which it is so well known.

Starting on the River Seine at Saint-Mammès, the canals Loing, Briare and the Lateral to the Loire, connect to the Canal du Centre and then the River Saône. At Décize you can also cruise onto the Canal du Nivernais and head to Auxerre.

As you cruise southwards, you'll cruise the spectacular "canal bridge" at Briare. With its 662 metres in length and 11 metres wide, it spans the River Loire and is an incredible construction by Eiffel in 1896. 

Views of the vineyards on top of hills can be enjoyed from The Canal Latéral à la Loire, which follows the course of the river Loire. Pretty, waterside villages with magnificent chateaux and ancient churches line the route, while delightful towns such as La Charite sur Loire and Sancerre offer the opportunity of wine tasting.

What to see and do whilst you're here

Monuments to visit

  • Castles nearby
    • Château d'Apremont
    • Château Blois
    • Château de la Bussière
    • Château Chambord
    • Château Fontainbleau
    • Château de Guedelon
    • Château Sully-sur-Loire
    • Château Saint-Fargeau
    • Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte at Maincy

Places to go

  • Visit the town of Gien
  • Visit the city of Orleans
  • Visit the town of Château Landon

Along the canals

  • Moret-sur-Loing and the inspirations for Alfred Sisley
  • Château-Musée de Nemours
  • Discover the streets Rue Raymond, Laforge of Montargis
  • Walk across 
  • View the old flight of 7 locks at Rogny-Les-Sept-Ecluses and cruise on the new flight of locks!
  • Discover the magnificent Pont-du-Canal Briare by Monsieur Eiffel
  • Walk around the quaint village of Châtillon-sur-Loire
  • Visit Sancerre, discover the red and white wines
  • Notre-Dame de La Charité-sur-Loire
  • The town of Nevers
    • Port du Croux
    • Duke Palace
    • Church Sainte-Bernadette-du-Banlay
    • Sanctuary of Saint Bernadette Soubirous of Nevers and Bernadette’s Shrine
  • The double lock and Pont-du-Canal of Guétin

To taste and eat

  • Wine tasting in Sancerre
  • Wines of Pouilly-sur-Loire and Pouilly Fumé
  • Taste the Crottin de Chavignol goat's cheese near Sancerre

Hotel barges

3 hotel barge cruises

C'est La Vie
Burgundy & Loire

C'est La Vie

8 guests

Montargis & Sancerre

Loire Valley


6 guests

Moulin-de-Nitray on the Loire

Last dates!
Loire Valley


8 guests

Montargis to Chatillon

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Loire Valley