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You can contact us via email or call us +33 614 250 200 

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Data Storage


In the event of a pre-booking, we require your name. Your name will be given to the respective boat owner/operator.
No other personal information is requested.


To complete a booking, a party leader is required to be named. This person will is required to provide us with their full name, postal address, email address, telephone number and date of birth. This information is given to the boat owner/operator.

Booking forms are completed on this website and the information which is submitted is stored on this server. They are removed after 12 months. If you require your data to be removed before this time please contact us.

For payments via card or wire transfer, we will be notified by the bank of the payer's name and postal address. No personal banking details are stored on this server. 

We are required to keep all payment and billing information for five years, this is required by French government laws. We keep a paper copy of this information which is stored securely in our office, to which there is limited access.