Lush landscapes, song and dance, myths and legends

Cruise on the river Shannon in Ireland

Ireland has all the ingredients of a fabulous, revitalising getaway. Immerse yourself in the Irish culture for a few days away from the rush of everyday life. 

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Shannon Princess

Shannon Princess

10 guests

Glasson to Killaloe on the river Shannon

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P1020 FB self-drive

P1020 FB

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P1120R self-drive


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P1165 FB self-drive

P1165 FB

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P1400 FB

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P1500 R self-drive

P1500 R

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P935W self-drive


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Le Boat

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Caprice self-drive


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Clipper self-drive


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Corvette A self-drive

Corvette A

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Corvette B self-drive

Corvette B

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Crusader self-drive


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Elegance self-drive


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Horizon 1

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Horizon 2S self-drive

Horizon 2S

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Horizon 3

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Horizon 4

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Horizon 5

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Magnifique self-drive


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Royal Mystique B self-drive

Royal Mystique B

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Tamaris self-drive


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Vision 3 self-drive

Vision 3

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Vision 4 self-drive

Vision 4

9 guests


Shannon information

The River Shannon

The river Shannon and the lakes it flows through, some of which are more like inland seas, makes a delicious combination of natural landscapes and historic sites. On its banks, all the way is superb parkland as well as bird and wildlife sanctuaries.

From Ballinamore or Portumna, you enter the river Shannon, the longest river in Ireland: 220 km with only six locks, and no commercial traffic, the Shannon is genuinely idyllic.

In County Roscommon, the charming little town of Boyle boasts the ruins of a Cistercian abbey founded in 1161, a stunning mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles.

Further south, the town of Athlone is notable for its imposing castle which has dominated a strategic crossing ever since the 13th century.

The Erne Waterway

From Ballinamore or Carrick on Shannon, explore the Shannon - Erne Waterway to reach the Erne, the second great Irish river system. The 63 km canal with 34 elegant old bridges and 16 locks has been magnificently restored.

Rivers alternate with canals and lakes studded with islands, in a unique mixture of peaceful, untouched landscapes and villages offering a traditional welcome. You will head towards Ballyconnell and Belturbet, both with a strong folkloric tradition, and then onwards into County Fermanagh, a land of lakes, a paradise for bird spotters, botanists and anglers, and your introduction to Northern Ireland. The historic town of Enniskillen is an excellent starting point for discovering the unique attractions of Ulster. Here you are at the heart of one of Europe's last unpolluted paradises.

The waterways of Ireland offer you miles of gentle waters to explore and navigate. Perfect for the keen fisherman, family and friends.

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