Flora & Fauna, seafood, vineyards, beaches and sun

Discovering the Camargue region of France

With more sunshine than anywhere else in France, you can enjoy a friendly welcome and good cruising weather right through to the end of October.

Self-drive boats


Nicols have 16 different self-drive boats for you to choose from.

N DUO self-drive


4 guests

N OCTO self-drive


8 guests

N OCTO Fly C self-drive


10 guests

N PRIMO self-drive


4 guests

N QUATTRO FLY C self-drive


6 guests

N QUATTRO S self-drive


6 guests

N SIXTO self-drive


8 guests

N SIXTO FLY C self-drive


8 guests

N1000 self-drive


8 guests

N1100 self-drive


9 guests

N1170 self-drive


10 guests

N1310 self-drive


12 guests

N1350 B self-drive

N1350 B

10 guests

N800 self-drive


4 guests

N900 DP self-drive

N900 DP

7 guests

Le Boat

Le Boat have 31 different self-drive boats for you to choose from.

Calypso self-drive


8 guests

Caprice self-drive


6 guests

Cirrus A  self-drive

Cirrus A

4 guests

Cirrus B self-drive

Cirrus B

4 guests

Classique self-drive


8 guests

Classique Star self-drive

Classique Star

10 guests

Clipper self-drive


6 guests

Consul self-drive


4 guests

Continentale self-drive


6 guests

Corvette A self-drive

Corvette A

4 guests

Crusader self-drive


6 guests

Elegance self-drive


6 guests

Grand Classique self-drive

Grand Classique

12 guests

Horizon 1

5 guests

Horizon 2S self-drive

Horizon 2S

5 guests

Horizon 3

7 guests

Horizon 4

9 guests

Horizon 5

12 guests

Magnifique self-drive


10 guests

Mystique self-drive


8 guests

Royal Classique self-drive

Royal Classique

6 guests

Royal Mystique B self-drive

Royal Mystique B

6 guests

Salsa A

10 guests

Salsa B self-drive

Salsa B

12 guests

Sheba self-drive


5 guests

Tango self-drive


6 guests

Vision 3 self-drive

Vision 3

10 guests

Vision 3 SL self-drive

Vision 3 SL

10 guests

Vision 4 self-drive

Vision 4

9 guests

Vision 4 SL self-drive

Vision 4 SL

9 guests

France Passion Plaisance

France Passion Plaisance have 14 different self-drive boats for you to choose from.

Haines Rive 34 self-drive

Haines Rive 34

6 guests

Haines Rive 40 self-drive

Haines Rive 40

8 guests

Nicols 1100 self-drive

Nicols 1100

9 guests

Nicols 1160 self-drive

Nicols 1160

10 guests

Nicols 900 self-drive

Nicols 900

7 guests

Tarpon 32 self-drive

Tarpon 32

8 guests

Tarpon 42 self-drive

Tarpon 42

12 guests

Triton 1050 self-drive

Triton 1050

8 guests

Triton 860 Fly self-drive

Triton 860 Fly

3 guests


Camargue information

Known for its splendid natural beauty and proximity to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea in southern France, the Camargue covers an area of over 900 square kilometres. It is Western Europe's largest river delta. It forms part of the Provence region. The landscape comprises saltwater lagoons, rivers, lush grasslands, rice paddies and vineyards.

With more than 400 species of bird living in the marshes, bring your binoculars! From hawks and eagles to the much-photographed and prolific pink flamingos, this is a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Home to herds of the ancient indigenous breed of white horses, the Camargue is also renowned for its black bulls.
Watch the "Gardiens", Europe’s only cowboys, as they breed and train the bulls and horses in the region’s "manades", or ranches. 

Discover the fortress town of Aigues-Mortes, rising above the salt flats, explore the old town of Sète with its network of canals, or visit the town of Arles, Van Gogh’s inspiration for hundreds of paintings and drawings, with its Roman amphitheatre.

After a memorable day cruising, sample the local delicacies including superb beef from the bulls and cows of the Taureau de Camargue AOP, fresh seafood, natural red rice and Camargue honey. Season with Camargue salt or the Fleur de Sel condiment and accompany your repast with rosé wine from the Camargue or the wines of nearby Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon.

The climate is typically Mediterranean: the summers are hot and dry with a cooling breeze from the sea, and the winters are mild.
With more sunshine here than anywhere else in France, you can enjoy pleasant weather right through to the end of October.
Take advantage of virtually lock-free cruising in the Camargue.

Cruise the Etang du Thau, with its oyster beds and numerous birds, including some rare species, or the Canal du Rhône à Sète, which borders sandy beaches. 

Must places to visit and things to do whilst you're here

  • Aigues-Mortes
    • Chapelle des Pénitents gris
    • Salins du Midi
    • Fortifications and walls of the town
    • Place Saint-Louis
  • Arles and its amphitheater
  • Domaine de la Palissade and it'ts natural park
  • Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and the crypte for "Sara la noire"
  • Salin-de-Giraud with the salt marshes
  • In Montpellier
    • Place de la Comédie
    • Château de Flaugergues
    • Jardin des Plantes
    • Rue de l'Ancien-Courrier
    • Place Royale du Peyrou
  • The markets of Palavas-les-Flots and La-Grande-Motte
  • In the town of Sète
    • Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette
    • La Marine
    • Mon Saint-Clair and the panorama
    • Vieux port of Sète
    • also Abbaye de Valmagne at Villeveyrac  and Villa Loupian
  • In the town of Agde
    • The Fort Brescou
    • Church Saint-André d'Agde
    • Cathedral Saint-Etienne
  • Whilst in Béziers
    • The old bridge
    • Allées Paul-Riquet
    • Cathedral Saint Nazaire
    • Oppidum d'Ensérune
    • The canal locks at Fonséranes
  • The "Pont Van-Gogh" near Arles

Learn the difference between a Manade and a Mas. Discover the black bulls, the horses, and cavaliers of the Camargue. 

More information from the tourism office

Places to eat and restaurants

  • Arles
    • La Table Lionel Giraud (** star Michelin)
    • Alexandre (** star Michelin)
    • Near Arles L'Oustau de Baumanière at Les-Baux-de-Provence (*** Michelin)
  • Near Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer
    • La Coursejade
    • L'Estelle en Carmargue
  • At Port-Camargue
    • Spinaker
    • L'Armarette
  • At Aigues-Mortes
    • Le Patio' Né
    • L'Atelier de Nicolas
  • La Réserve Rimbaud in Montpellier (* star Michelin)
  • At Le Grau-de-Roi
    • Le Dauphin
    • Le Comptoir des Voiles
  • In Palavas-les-Flots
    • Page Palace
    • Le Saint-Georges
  • L'Epicurien in Frontignan
  • Le Sain-Clair in Balaruc-les-Bains
  • Les Palmiers in Mèze
  • In Sète
    • La Senne
    • La Coquerie
    • The Marcel in Sète (* star Michelin)
  • In Agde
    • L'Envie
    • Le Vagues

Waterways in this region

The Canal du Rhône à Séte, Etang de Thau, the Canal du Midi, the Canal de Jonction, the Canal de la Robine, the River Hérault, and the Petit Rhône

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