Venice Lagoon

Venice Lagoon

Opulent, vibrant and buzzing with life

Cruises and boating holidays in Venice

Venice, in the heart of the Venetian lagoon, is arguably the most beautiful water city in the world, and a delight to explore. Some experience is recommended as the waterways can be busy.

Italy is home to many a famous city and Venice is at the top of the list. The canals and lagoon of "Venezia" empty into the northern shores of the Adriatic sea. A city which succumbs to the floods and waters of the "Acqua Alta" (high tides) as miles of intricate waterways with 118 small islands, 150 canals and 400 bridges.

The many islands surrounding the Venetian Lagoon - Murano, Burano, Torcello, provide glimpses into Venetian culture, art and history and should not be missed.

From lace making to glass blowing, pizza throwing to fishing, Venice is a melting pot of arts, crafts, skills and traditional lifestyles which are a delight to discover. Birthplace of historical people such as Casanova, Marco polo and Vivaldi.

Further south, the protected nature reserves of the Po Delta and the nearby colourful fishing villages will delight nature lovers and ornithologists. Nearby sandy beaches make for the perfect combination of sightseeing and relaxing as you choose to explore the vast expanse of the Venetian lagoon.

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La Bella Vita
Venetian lagoon

La Bella Vita

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Venice to Mantua

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