Marano Lagoon

Marano Lagoon

Beautiful beaches, fishing ports and rural cruising

Cruise on the Marano Lagoon in Italy for beautiful sunny beaches

The Marano Lagoon, situated to the north-east of Venice is ideally situated to explore the quieter waterways of Italy.

Self-drive boats

Le Boat

Le Boat have 12 different self-drive boats for you to choose from.

Caprice self-drive


6 guests

Clipper self-drive


6 guests

Crusader self-drive


6 guests

Elegance self-drive


6 guests

Horizon 1

5 guests

Horizon 2S self-drive

Horizon 2S

5 guests

Magnifique self-drive


10 guests

Mystique self-drive


8 guests

Royal Mystique B self-drive

Royal Mystique B

6 guests

Salsa A

10 guests

Vision 4 self-drive

Vision 4

9 guests

Marano Lagoon

Marano Lagoon information

Our bases on the Marano Lagoon give fantastic cruising opportunities along the seaside canals of the Northern Lagoon and a chance to see the rural countryside, pretty fishing villages and elegant seaside towns.

Remember to see the glass-blowers of Murano!

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