Marano Lagoon

Marano Lagoon

Beautiful beaches, fishing ports and rural cruising

Cruise on the Marano Lagoon in Italy for beautiful sunny beaches

The Marano Lagoon, situated to the north-east of Venice is ideally situated to explore the quieter waterways of Italy.

Our bases on the Marano Lagoon give fantastic cruising opportunities along the seaside canals of the Northern Lagoon and a chance to see the rural countryside, pretty fishing villages and elegant seaside towns.

Remember to see the glass-blowers of Murano!

Self-drive boats for the Marano Lagoon


Locaboat have 5 different self-drive boats for you to choose from.

Europa 400

4 guests

Europa 600

6 guests

P1020 FB self-drive

P1020 FB

5 guests

P1180 FB self-drive

P1180 FB

7 guests

P1500 FB

12 guests

Le Boat

Le Boat have 12 different self-drive boats for you to choose from.

Caprice self-drive


6 guests

Clipper self-drive


6 guests

Crusader self-drive


6 guests

Elegance self-drive


6 guests

Save up to 15%

Horizon 1

5 guests

Save up to 15%
Horizon 2S self-drive

Horizon 2S

5 guests

Magnifique self-drive


10 guests

Mystique self-drive


8 guests

Royal Mystique B self-drive

Royal Mystique B

6 guests

Save 30%

Salsa A

10 guests

Vision 4 self-drive

Vision 4

9 guests

Marano Lagoon