A rich history, stunning scenery, valleys and forests

Cruise destinations for Ardennes

The word 'Ardennes' translates as 'dense forest' in Celtic. Discover rare birds, flora and fauna in this delightful region.

The magnificent River Meuse gently meanders, twists and turns among the green valley with the hills covered in dense forests, you would never imagine that you are cruising through historic battlegrounds as the landscape is peacefully beautiful. At Pont-à-Bar the Canal des Ardennes heads southwards and then westwards to Soisson via Berry-au-Bac.

Famous for its dry-cured ham, other gastronomic delights found here include Tarte au sucre and boudin blanc, a fine-textured white sausage made of pork.

Champagne vineyards are plentiful in parts of this region, and so is the beer, another of the Ardennes’s gastronomic specialities.

With vast stretches of unspoiled landscape, the Ardennes is a beautiful rural setting with thick forests, meandering rivers, valleys and lakes.

The forests shelter some of France's rarest birds, wild boar and roe deer as well as a variety of rare plants.

Cruise this sparsely populated area and breathe in the pure country air.

Amongst the waterways to discover the River Meusen the River Marne, the CAnal de la Meuse, Canal des Ardennes, Canal del'Oise, Canal latéral à l'Aisne, Canal latéral à la Marne , Cananl de la Marne au Rhin

Places to visit

The city of Reims and it's cathedral.

Champagne cellars in Pernay and Reims

Montage de Reims and the Champagne vineyards.

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