Delicious chocolates, lace-making and sandy beaches

Cruise destinations for Flanders, Belgium

Cast off and discover Flanders, at the border between France and Belgium, an inviting and culturally rich area. Thanks to a series of port towns, you can get straight into the heart of the significant cultural and architectural cities such as Brugge, Ghent, Kortrijk, Antwerp, Brussels, Mons and Lille.

Self-drive boats

Le Boat

Le Boat have 14 different self-drive boats for you to choose from.

Caprice self-drive


6 guests

Cirrus B self-drive

Cirrus B

4 guests

Classique self-drive


8 guests

Continentale self-drive


6 guests

Corvette A self-drive

Corvette A

4 guests

Countess self-drive


6 guests

Elegance self-drive


6 guests

Horizon 1

5 guests

Horizon 4

9 guests

Magnifique self-drive


10 guests

Royal Mystique B self-drive

Royal Mystique B

6 guests

Sheba self-drive


5 guests

Vision 3 self-drive

Vision 3

10 guests


Flanders information

Lovers of nautical heritage, the sea, cuisine and history will inevitably find their happiness on the inland waterways of Flanders. Also visit the canals, palaces and regional parks, and the sandy beaches of Nieuwpoort, which provides a great escape.

Following the canals through smaller towns such as Diksmuide, Veunre, Ooudenarde, Oudenburg, Bossuit and Deinze, you will discover each has their own story to tell -from tapestry weaving and cloth dying to farmers markets, baking and book-binding.

Discover the rich natural heritage of the valley of the river Yse, the river Deuel, and the river Lys, which was and still is a significant source of inspiration for many artists.


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