Cruise routes in Burgundy, central France

Base at Joigny 

Linking the Yonne to the Saone, construction on the Canal de Bourgogne, started in 1775 and finished in 1834. It takes you by ways sometimes secret, sometimes spectacular to the heart of the Renaissance.
At that period the Duchy of Burgundy vied in magnificence with the Kingdom of France.
Here, with ancient poplar trees, their leaves shimmering and atremble, and buildings ranging from abbeys to fortified farmhouses, the works of man and of nature celebrate their triumphant union.
Tie up close to the superb aqueduct at Saint Florentin and climb up to its church to admire the superb stained glass.
At Tonnerre, the Fosse Dionne pool, surrounded by ancient houses, still provides a water suppiy to the town.
Magnificent and splendidly furnished Renaissance chateaux such as Tanlay and Ancy-le-Franc punctuate your cruise.
The marvellous high-vaulted Abbey of Fontenay, tucked away in a secluded valley, is a short bike ride away.
Near Venarey les Laumes at the village of Alise-Sainte-Reine you'll want to visit the site of the Gaulish fortress of Alesia where Velcingetorix surrendered to Caesar after a two month siege.

One week cruises from Joigny

  • Joigny, Tonnerre, Tanlay, Ancy-le- Franc, Joigny
    166 km, 68 locks, 5h30 cruising per day

10/11 days cruises from Joigny

  • Joigny, Tanlay, Ancy le Franc, Montbard, Joigny
    222 km; 98 locks; 5hr15 cruising per day

Two week cruises from Joigny

  • Joigny, St Florentin, Ancy le Franc, Montbard, Venarey les Laumes, Joigny
    246 km; 134 locks; 5hr cruising per day

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