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Barge and self-drive cruises in France

France is the most visited country in the world!

From Gai Paris, the most romantic city in the world, to sun-kissed Nice in the south, from the beautiful, Atlantic coast to the lush countryside of the east, come and discover or rediscover the history and diverse culture of this fascinating country.

Cruise destinations in France


Sparkling wines and ancient timbered houses

Anjou - Loire

Castles and watermills; easy cruising for beginners

Aquitaine & Bordeaux

Heritage and beauty


A rich history, stunning scenery, valleys and forests


Peaceful cruising, fabulous seafood, crepes and cider

Burgundy Canal

History, vineyards and cuisine


Flora & Fauna, seafood, vineyards, beaches and sun

Canal du Midi

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean sea

Central Canal

Vineyards, fine dining and market towns


Champagne houses, beautiful scenery and historical towns


Crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming and fishing

Loire Valley

Stunning chateaux and world-famous vineyards

Nivernais & River Yonne

Peaceful canal & river cruises

River Lot

Breath-taking scenery; for experienced boaters

River Saône

The perfect choices for watersports and cruising alike.

Rotterdam to Paris

Rotterdam to Paris


The heart and capital

About France


As the most visited country in the world, you might think that France would be crowded, but far from it! Eighty per cent of France consists of beautiful countryside, and with three very different coastlines, adding up to over 2000 miles, and several mountain ranges there is plenty of room for the 83.7 million annual visitors.

The cheeses and the cuisine are renowned, as are the vineyards. Who hasn’t heard of Champagne, Claret and Burgundy, just three of the many celebrated wines? France has something to offer to all her guests.

The most romantic city in the world, Gai Paris, is just one of many fascinating cities and large towns to explore and, in addition to 150 of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, there are thousands of beautiful and picturesque villages dotted throughout the country.

Each of the 12 mainland regions has its particular scenery, climate, architecture, history and gastronomy: there’s a discovery around every corner! France currently has 37 cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites amongst many other historic locations, cathedrals and chateaux. It’s no wonder that 80% of French people who go away on holiday, stay within their own country.

Cruising on meandering rivers or serene canals aboard a self-drive boat, a luxurious hotel barge or a canal boat is the perfect way to experience the rich diversity that France has to offer. Whatever your interests, we can find the ideal holiday for you in the perfect location. Come and travel through the country that has it all!

Discover all the regions with cruises on the canals and the rivers, then start to plan your vacation.