Cruise routes in Burgundy, central France

Bases at Joigny, Corbigny and Dompierre sur Besbre

As you follow the valley of the Yonne and the Canal du Nivernais, you are travelling through a landscape where at each bend or lock new vistas open up, often punctuated by the tower of some little-known but sublime Romanesque church.
Here, at superb restaurants in Joigny and Auxerre, food and fine Nivernais architecture complement each other like capon and a good Chablis.
Irancy, surrounded by vineyards, sleeps around its church which felicitously combines Gothic and Renaissance features.
The dramatic location of Châtel-Censoir, a pretty village with 5th century crypt and ancient church vies in splendour with the excursion to glorious Vézelay, its main street lined with medieval bouses and its magnificent Sainte-Madeleine basilica.
Friendly, bustling Clamecy retains its ancient dovecots.
The canal too makes the most of its verdant setting as it passes the Rochers de Saussois where, if rock- climbing is your thing, you can try your hand at scaling the crags.

One week cruises from Joigny

  • Joigny, Auxerre, Vermenton, Chatel-Censoir, Joigny
    154 km; 68 locks; 5hr30 cruising per day
  • Joigny, Auxerre, Vermenton, Clamecy, Corbigny ONE WAY
    128 km; 62 locks; 4hr45 cruising per day

10 or 11 day cruises

  • Joigny, Auxerre, Chatel-Censoir, Clamecy, Joigny
    194 km ; 86 locks ; 4hr45 cruising per day
  • Joigny, Villeneuve, Sens, Bray, Nogent sur Seine, Joigny
    256 km; 48 locks; 4hr15 cruising per day

Three week cruise

  • Joigny, Sens, Montereau, Moret, Montargis, Briare, Sancerre, Nevers, Decize, Chatillon, Baye, Clamecy, Auxerre, Joigny CIRCLE
    553 km; 214 locks; 5hr15 cruising per day

One week cruises from Corbigny

  • Corbigny, Tannay, Clamecy, Chatel-Censoir, Corbigny
    108 km; 62 locks; 4hr15 cruising per day

10/11 days cruise

  • Corbigny, Tanlay, Clamecy, Coulanges, Vermenton, Corbigny
    158km; 92 locks; 4h15 cruising per day>

Two week cruise

  • Corbigny, Chatillon, Decize, Nevers, Sancerre, Corbigny
    340 km; 168 locks; 6 hr cruising per day

One week cruises from Dompierre sur Besbre

  • Dompierre, Decize, Cercy, Chatillon en Bazois, Dompierre
    170 km; 58 locks; 5hr cruising per day

Two week cruises from Dompierre sur Besbre

  • Dompierre, Decize, Chatillon en Bazois, La Collancelle, Clamecy, Auxerre, Joigny: ONE WAY
    260 km; 129 locks; 4hr30 cruising per day

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