Main rivers in France

This map shows the main rivers that flow in and through France. The most well-known are the major rivers such as the Seine, the Rhone and also the longest which is the Loire.

The main rivers in France

Looking at the above map, to=o the east, the rivers are fed by the snow of the Alp mountains, while in the south, water comes from the Pyrenees mountains. You can also identify the massive area occupied by the Loire and the very direct "north to south" route of the River Rhone.

The rivers and canals connect together to provide a vast network of inland waterways, perfect for cruising holidays.

Learn how the inland waterways connect all of the rivers and the canals, which have been and are still used by barges to transport cargo throughout the country. Many of the same rivers and canals have also adapted to become prime destinations for vacations and holidays, hotel barges and also self-drive rental boats cruise along many of the rivers and canals.

Inland waterways map of France.

More regional maps of the rivers and canals

You can find more detailed maps and regional information about the rivers and canals in France using the lists below. When you are planning a barge trip, houseboat cruise or self-drive boating holiday, the maps will help you plan your journey.

Remember, the French waterways are vast and very different depending on their location. The regions vary, the culture and history change, and the construction technics and architectural styles of rivers, canals and locks are all very different and serve diverse purposes.

Information about the waterways on our cruise routes

All the rivers and canals, with facts, figures dates and much more.

Alsace region

  • The Rhine
  • The Moselle

Burgundy region

  • The Burgundy Canal
  • The River Saône
  • The River Yonne

Southern France, Provence, Midi

  • The Canal du Midi
  • The Camargue
  • The Garonne
  • The River Lot

Western France

  • Britanny
  • Loire Valley
  • The River Charente