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Dole, ancient capital of la Comte, doorway to the Jura and birthplace of Louis Pasteur the famous pharmacist, is situated in the heart of a marvellous region gifted with one of the most beautiful navigation areas offering a very large choice of cruising: le Canal du Rhone au Rhin (in fact it's the Doubs) with Besançon and citadel of Vauban, Baumes-les-Dames, the charm of Comtois villages and market towns, wild beauty of fauna and flora in the superb deeply embanked valleys just waiting to be explored.

You can cruise upstream one way to Port-sur-Soane or Champigny-les-Langres, or on the Burgundy canal beyond St Jean de Losne.

From Dole

Short break, return cruises

  • Dole, Besancon and return: 112 km, 40 locks, 23 hours cruising 
  • Dole, Mantoche and return: 150 km, 24 locks, 22 hours cruising
  • Dole, Verdun-sur-le-Doubs and return: 114 km, 18 locks, 19.5 hours cruising

Weekend break, return cruises

  • Dole, Osselle and return: 72 km, 20 locks, 13 hours cruising 
  • Dole, Auxonne and return: 64 km, 20 locks, 12 hours cruising 
  • Dole, St Jean-de-Losne and return: 44 km, 18 locks, 10 hours cruising

One-week return cruises

  • Dole, Baume-les-Dames and return: 182 km, 62 locks, 37 hours cruising
  • Dole, Ray-sur-Saone and return: 250 km, 32 locks, 40 hours cruising

Two-week return cruises

  • Dole, Montbeliard and return: 294 km, 114 locks, 68.5 hours cruising
  • Dole, Selles and return: 434kms, 60 locks, 76 hours cruising

One week, one-way cruise

  • Dole - Gray- Port-sur-Saone:  154 km, 23 locks, 24 hours cruising

From Port-sur-Saone navigate along peaceful waterways, dotted with typical small villages revealing the history of the river: Port-sur-Saone, Gallo-roman village in origin, Gray fascinating with its patrimonial treasures unless you have chosen to sail to the east to discover the densely wooded countryside of the Vosges: here you will be charmed by the calm of unspoilt nature - so don't forget your binoculars.

From Port-sur-Saone

One-week return cruises

  • Port-sur-Saone, Mantoche and return: 158 km, 22 locks, 26 hours cruising
  • Port-sur-Saone, Bains-les-Bains and return: 118 km, 44 locks, 28 hours cruising

Two-week return cruise

  • Port-sur-Saone, Epinal and return: 210 km, 132 locks, 65 hours cruising

One-week, one-way cruise

  • Port-sur-Saone - Gray - Dole: 154 km, 23 locks; 24 hours cruising 

Nicols rental boats for Saone

Nicols have 13 self-drive boats available in this region

N DUO self-drive


4 guests

N QUATTRO S self-drive


6 guests

N SIXTO self-drive


8 guests

N QUATTRO B self-drive


4 guests

N OCTO self-drive


8 guests

N900 DP self-drive

N900 DP

7 guests

N PRIMO self-drive


4 guests

N1010 self-drive


8 guests

N1310 self-drive


12 guests

N1350 B self-drive

N1350 B

10 guests

N1000 self-drive


8 guests

N1100 self-drive


9 guests

N SIXTO FLY C self-drive


8 guests

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