Nicols cruise map Saône river, France

Dole, ancient capital of la Comte, doorway to the Jura and birthplace of Louis Pasteur the famous pharmacist, situated in the heart of a marvellous region gifted with one of the most beautiful navigation areas offering a very large choice of cruising: le Canal du Rhone au Rhin (in fact it's the Doubs) with Besançon and citadel of Vauban, Baumes-les-Dames, the charm of Comtois villages and market towns, wild beauty of fauna and flora in the superb deeply embanked valleys.

You can cruise upstream one way to Port-sur-Soane or Champigny-les-Langres, or on the Burgundy canal beyond St Jean de Losne.

From Dole

Short break, return cruises

  • Dole, Besancon and return: 112 km, 40 locks, 23 hours cruising 
  • Dole, Mantoche and return: 150 km, 24 locks, 22 hours cruising
  • Dole, Verdun-sur-le-Doubs and return: 114 km, 18 locks, 19.5 hours cruising

Weekend break, return cruises

  • Dole, Osselle and return: 72 km, 20 locks, 13 hours cruising 
  • Dole, Auxonne and return: 64 km, 20 locks, 12 hours cruising 
  • Dole, St Jean-de-Losne and return: 44 km, 18 locks, 10 hours cruising

One-week return cruises

  • Dole, Baume-les-Dames and return: 182 km, 62 locks, 37 hours cruising
  • Dole, Ray-sur-Saone and return: 250 km, 32 locks, 40 hours cruising

Two-week return cruises

  • Dole, Montbeliard and return: 294 km, 114 locks, 68.5 hours cruising
  • Dole, Selles and return: 434kms, 60 locks, 76 hours cruising

One week, one-way cruise

  • Dole - Gray- Port-sur-Saone:  154 km, 23 locks, 24 hours cruising

From Port-sur-Saone navigate along peaceful waterways, dotted with typical small villages revealing the history of the river: Port-sur-Saone, Gallo-roman village in origin, Gray fascinating with it's patrimonial treasures, unless you have chosen to sail to the east to discover the densely wooded countryside of the Vosges: here you will be charmed by the calm of unspoilt nature - so don't forget your binoculars.

From Port-sur-Saone

One-week return cruises

  • Port-sur-Saone, Mantoche and return: 158 km, 22 locks, 26 hours cruising
  • Port-sur-Saone, Bains-les-Bains and return: 118 km, 44 locks, 28 hours cruising

Two-week return cruise

  • Port-sur-Saone, Epinal and return: 210 km, 132 locks, 65 hours cruising

One-week, one-way cruise

  • Port-sur-Saone - Gray - Dole: 154 km, 23 locks; 24 hours cruising 

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