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With some of the most beautiful countryside and villages to see in France, the Nivernais Loire provides a truly peaceful haven from everyday life. Marvel at the quiet as you cruise through majestic forests abundant in fauna and flora, ancient villages perched high on rugged rocks, and the occasional Medieval town.

Tannay - Laroche Migennes ONE WAY: Upper Nivernais Canal + River Yonne
100km; 50 locks; 28 hours cruising
Visits: Tannay, Clamecy, Vezelay, Chatel Censoir, Vermenton, Auxerre, Migennes

Decize - Tannay ONE WAY: Canal du Nivernais
99km; 72 locks; 35 hours cruising
Visits: Decize, Cercy la Tour, Chatillon en Bazois, Baye, Corbigny, Chitry les Mines, Tannay

Decize - Digoin- Paray le Monial (or Roanne) and return: Canal Laterale à la Loire + Canal du Centre
130km; 32 locks; 24 hours cruising
Visits: Decize, Digoin,  Roanne, Paray le Monial

Migennes - Sens - Joigny and return: Yonne
88km; 20 locks; 21 hours cruising
Visits: Migennes, Joigny, Villeneuve sur Yonne, Sens

Migennes- Auxerre - Chatel Censoir and return: Yonne + Nivernais Canal
130km; 62 locks; 32 hours cruising
Visits: Migennes, Auxerre, Pregilbert, Chatel Censoir

Tannay - Chatel Censoir - Chitry les Mines - Corbigny and return: Nivernais canal + Yonne
106km; 52 locks; 34 hours cruising
Visits: Chatel Censoir, Clamecy, Vezelay, Tannay, Chitry les Mines, Baye, Sardy, Corbigny

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