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From the Woodlands of Lorraine to the gentle landscapes of the Alsace, this region offers and an array of delights: deep blue forests, enchanting castles, the magnificent cathedral at Strasbourg, the capital of Europe, and the world-famous St Louis Arzviller incline which lifts your boat up the mountainside!

One week, return cruises

Hesse - Strasbourg and return: Canal de la Marne au Rhin
156 km; 68 locks; 35 cruising hours
Visits: Hesse, St Louis Arzviller incline, Lutzelbourg, Saverne, Hochfelden, Strasbourg

Hesse - Sarrebrucken and return: Canal des houillères de la Sarre
206 km; 62 locks; 38 cruising hours
Visits: Saarbrucken, Sarreguemines, Sarralbe, Mittersheim, Godrexange, Hesse

Hesse - Nancy and return: Canal de la Marne au Rhin
152 km; 50 locks; 28 cruising hours
Visits: Hesse, Godrexange, Rechicourt le Chateau, Lagarde, Luneville, Dombasle sur Meurthe, Varangeville, St Nicolas de Port, Nancy

One week, one-way cruise

Hesse - Boofzheim: Canal de la Marne au Rhin + Canal de Rhone au Rhin
104 km; 43 locks; 28 cruising hours
Visits: Hesse, St Louis Arzviller Incline, Lutzelbourg, Hochfelden, Strasbourg, Plobsheim, Boofzheim
Supplement: Hesse - Boofzheim: 140€;  Boofzheim - Hesse: 80€
Optional car transfer: 170€

Two weeks, return cruise

Hesse - Saarbrucken - Metz - Hesse (license required)
75 locks, 71 cruising hours

3, 4 or 5 nights, return cruises

Hesse - Saverne - Hesse: 4 nights minimum
28 locks, 15 cruising hours

Hesse - Lagarde - Hesse
14 locks, 11 cruising hours

Hesse - Mittersheim - Hesse: 4 nights minimum
26 locks, 14 cruising hours

Le Boat rental boats for Alsace

Le Boat have 27 self-drive boats available in this region

Calypso self-drive


8 guests

Elegance self-drive


6 guests

Royal Classique self-drive

Royal Classique

6 guests

Grand Classique self-drive

Grand Classique

12 guests

Salsa A

10 guests

Magnifique self-drive


10 guests

Clipper self-drive


6 guests

Tango self-drive


6 guests

Caprice self-drive


6 guests

Classique Star self-drive

Classique Star

10 guests

Continentale self-drive


6 guests

Countess self-drive


6 guests

Corvette A self-drive

Corvette A

4 guests

Cirrus B self-drive

Cirrus B

4 guests

Sheba self-drive


5 guests

Mystique self-drive


8 guests

Horizon 5

12 guests

Horizon 4

9 guests

Vision 4 self-drive

Vision 4

9 guests

Horizon 3

7 guests

Vision 3 self-drive

Vision 3

10 guests

Horizon 1

5 guests

Horizon 2S self-drive

Horizon 2S

5 guests

Crusader self-drive


6 guests

Royal Mystique B self-drive

Royal Mystique B

6 guests

Salsa B self-drive

Salsa B

12 guests

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