Blavet Canal

Le Canal du Blavet

The waterway connects Pontivy to l'océan Atlantique.

Navigation on the Blavet Canal starts at Pontivy and ends at Hennebont.

Construction began in 1802 and ended in 1825.

The Blavet Canal is 60 kilometres long (37.28 miles) with a total of 60 kilometres of navigable waterway.

There is a total of 22 locks, with an average of 1 lock every 2.73 kilometres (1.69 miles).

The highest point on the Blavet Canal is 55 metres (180′ 5″ ft) above sea level and the lowest point is at 1 metres (3′ 3″ ft) above sea level.

From Pontivy to Hennebont

The water draft is 1.4 metres (3′ 3″ ft) and the air draft is 2.4 metres (6′ 7″ ft).

General lock size

There are "Breton" lock types.
Lock length 26.3 metres (85′ 4″ ft)
Lock width 4.7 metres (13′ 1″ ft)

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