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In Brittany, the home of Merlin, begin your journey from Redon. Visit magnificent castles at Josselin and Rohan, admire wooden houses throughout the region and enjoy the local delicacies: grilled lobster, stewed fish and of course, the delicious crepes bretonnes. Cruise on the Canal de Nantes a Brest and the river Vilaines and Erdre.

  • Redon - Nort sur Erdre and return
    156kms, 32 locks, 25 hours cruising
  • Redon - Pont Rean and return
    146kms, 14 locks, 20 hours cruising
  • Redon - Montertelot and return
    94kms, 20 locks, 16 hours
  • Redon - Josselin and return
    126kms, 30 locks, 21 hours cruising
  • Redon - Nantes and return
    190kms, 32 locks, 30 hours cruising
  • Redon - Rennes and return
    182kms, 24 locks, 25 hours cruising
  • Redon - Pontivy and return
    226kms, 164 locks, 62 hours cruising: 2-3 weeks
  • Redon - Dinan and return
    340kms, 118 locks, 66 hours cruising: 2-3 weeks

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