The Vilaine

La Vilaine

The source is Juvigné and the mouth is Atlantic Ocean.

Navigation on the Vilaine starts at Rennes and ends at Pénestin.

The Vilaine is 130.00 kilometres long (80.78 miles) with a total of 130.00 kilometres of navigable waterway.

There is a total of 14 locks, with an average of 1 lock every 9.29 kilometres (5.77 miles).

The highest point on the Vilaine is 175.00 metres (574′ 2″ ft) above sea level and the lowest point is at 0.00 metres (0′ 0″ ft) above sea level.

From Rennes to Pénestin

The water draft is 1.50 metres (4′ 11″ ft) and the air draft is 1.80 metres (5′ 11″ ft).

General lock size

There are 13 "Small" locks
Lock length 27.00 metres (88′ 7″ ft)
Lock width 4.70 metres (15′ 5″ ft)

Arzal dam

There is one lock.
Lock length 85.00 metres (278′ 10″ ft)
Lock width 12.90 metres (42′ 4″ ft)

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