The Sambre

La Sambre

The source is Le Nouvion-en-Thiérache and the mouth is Meuse (Belgium).

Navigation on the Sambre starts at Landrecies (France) and ends at Namur (Belgium).

The Sambre is 190.00 kilometres long (118.06 miles) with a total of 148.00 kilometres of navigable waterway.

There is a total of 31 locks, with an average of 1 lock every 4.77 kilometres (2.97 miles).

The highest altitude of the Sambre is 199.00 metres (652′ 11″ ft) above sea level.

From Landrecies (France) to Namur (Belgium)

The water draft is 1.60 metres (3′ 3″ ft) and the air draft is 3.70 metres (9′ 10″ ft).

General lock size

There are "Freycinet" lock types.
Lock length 39.00 metres (127′ 11″ ft)
Lock width 5.20 metres (16′ 5″ ft)

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