la Garonne

The Garonne

La Garonne

The source is Aran Valley and the mouth is Atlantic Ocean.

The Garonne is 529.00 kilometres long (328.71 miles).

There is a total of 1 locks, with an average of 1 lock every 529 kilometres (328.71 miles).

The highest point on the Garonne is 1860.00 metres (6102′ 4″ ft) above sea level and the lowest point is at 0.00 metres (0′ 0″ ft) above sea level.

We've divided the Garonne into the following different zones.

From Castets-en-Dorthe to Ambès

There is one lock in this section.

Saint-Michel lock

There are "Small" lock types.
Lock length 29.70 metres (97′ 5″ ft)
Lock width 6.00 metres (19′ 8″ ft)

From Toulouse to Toulouse

The water draft is 1.80 metres (5′ 11″ ft) and the air draft is 6.50 metres (21′ 4″ ft).

Lock length 0.00 metres (0′ 0″ ft)
Lock width 0.00 metres (0′ 0″ ft)

Barges cruising on the Garonne

Name Itinerary Passengers
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Self-drive boats cruising on the Garonne

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