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Germany boat rentals

In Mecklenberg West, a stunning area of green countryside and beautiful waterways awaits you. With 33 lakes covering over 54km², the flora and fauna of this region are quite exceptional.  The River Elde is navigable for 180 km but with just 17 locks, this is an area for relaxed cruising.

Just 5 hours cruising from Lubz takes you to Lake Plauer, with a nature reserve of over 300 hectares teeming with birdlife.

From Lubz

One-week return cruises

  • Lubz, Robel and return: 84 km, 8 locks, 17.5 hours cruising
  • Lubz, Schwerin and return: 149 km, 8 locks, 26.5 hours cruising
  • Lubz, Domitz, Lubz: 97 km, 13 locks, 19.5 hours cruising

In Mecklenberg East, an area known as Blue Paradise, there is plenty to see and do.
Again, there is an abundance of flora and fauna, including eagles, cormorants, cranes and osprey.
The water is so clear with a visibility of up to 12 meters in the summer months.  This is a great place for underwater photography enthusiasts!
There is a rich historical heritage too: Visit the Rheinsberg Castle, the half-timbered houses in Robel and Himmelpfort, known as the capital of fishing.

From Furstenberg:

Short break, return cruise

  • Furstenberg, Neustrelitz, Wesenberg, Rheinsberg, Furstenberg: 100 km, 12 locks, 20 hours cruising 
  • Furstenberg, Templin and return: 80 km, 14 locks, 17 hours cruising

Weekend break, return cruise

  • Furstenberg, Priepert, Neustrelitz, Furstenberg: 60 km, 6 locks, 12 hours cruising 

One-week return cruises

  • Furstenberg, Neustrelitz, Rheinsberg, Mirow, Furstenberg: 193 km, 20 locks, 24 hours cruising
  • Furstenberg, Mirow, Waren, Robel, Rheinsberg, Furstenberg: 225 km, 10 locks, 30 hours cruising
  • Furstenberg, Himmelpfort, Lychen, Templin, Zehdenick, Furstenberg: 204 km, 20 locks, 22 hours cruising

10-11 day return cruises

  • Furstenberg, Mirow, Waren, Malchow, Plau, Lubz, Waren, Robel, Wesenberg, Furstenberg: 300 km, 14 locks, 40 hours cruising

Two-week return cruises

  • Furstenberg, Neustrelitz, Rheinsberg, Waren, Plau, Schwerin, Furstenberg:  460 km, 32 locks, 54 hours cruising
  • Furstenberg, Strasen, Neustrelitz, Buchholz,  Rheinsberg, Lychen, Templin, Zehdenick, Furstenberg:  310 km, 32 locks, 55 hours cruising

Nicols rental boats for Germany

Nicols have 8 self-drive boats available in this region

N QUATTRO B self-drive


4 guests

N900 DP self-drive

N900 DP

7 guests

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N PRIMO self-drive


4 guests

N1010 self-drive


8 guests

N1170 self-drive


10 guests

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N QUATTRO FLY C self-drive


6 guests

N OCTO Fly C self-drive


10 guests

N1100 self-drive


9 guests

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