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Large and winding, the river Charente quoted by François the 1st as "the most beautiful stream in the Kingdom", runs through the ancient counties of "Langoumois" and "La Saintonge." For 171km, from Angouleme to the Ocean , the Charente is regulated by 21 locks. The ancient vineyard covers the surrounding hills. Many cellars and distilleries will invite you to taste the famous Cognac or delicious Pineau. Along your cruise, you will find many villages and twos that are testimonies to a rich past such as Angouleme, Fleurac, St Simeux, Chateauneuf, Saint-Simon, Bassac, Jarnac, Saint Brice, Cognac, Saintes, Saint-Savinein and Rochefort. In the Chatente area, the gastronomy based on seafood is waiting for you along the river with many of it's restaurants preparing local specialites ("mouclade", oysters...) Fishermen will not be forgotten and will find plenty of brown trout, cap, pike, perche and eels...

One week return cruise

  • Sireuil, St Savinien and return; 198kms, 30 locks

Two week return cruise

  • Sireuil, Angouleme, Sireuil, Rocherfort and return; 286km, 42 locks

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