Bodrag River boat rentals

Bodrag River

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Bodrag River boat rentals

Our base at Tokaj sits in the heart of the wine region on the banks of the Bodrag River.  The city is also known for its cultural festivals.  With many excellent restaurants and wineries, the area is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, with special mention for the famous Tokaj wine that Louis XIV described as 'the wine of kings and the king of wines'.

Tokaj has plenty of choices and no need to decide in advance!

Head north to visit Satoraljaujhely on the border of Slovakia, where you can visit the large Zemplen Adventure park for a fun day out. On your return journey, stop off by the 15th-century castle of Sarospatak.  For the more sporty, why not hire a canoe at Bodrogkeresztur and cruise within the protected Bodrogzug- Tokaj Park. Throughout this journey, you will be among the vineyards and mountains.

Head east on the river Tisza to visit Tiszabercel and Szabolcs, home of an 11th-century church, or head south into pretty countryside cruising as far as Tiszalok before returning.

From Tokaj:

Short break, return cruise

  • Tokaj, Satoraljauhely, Dombrad, Tokaj: 200 km, 0 locks, 25 hours cruising

Weekend break, return cruise

  • Tokaj, Sarospatak and return: 74 km, 0 locks, 9 hours cruising

One-week return cruises

  • Tokaj, Satoraljauhely, Dombrad, Tokaj: 250 km, 0 locks, 31 hours cruising


Nicols rental boats for Bodrag River

Nicols have 3 self-drive boats available in this region

N QUATTRO B self-drive


4 guests

N OCTO self-drive


8 guests

N SIXTO self-drive


8 guests

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