Cruise map for the River Lot in France

Base at Cahors: River Lot

The Lot is one of the prettiest regions of France, and is ideal for anyone with previous experience.
Among it's attractions, Cahors is a 1000 year old city with a beautiful historical centre, including the famous Valentré bridge, a UNESCO world-heritage site.  Along your journey, you will discover numerous medieval villages, the Chateau de Mercues, and the stunning hilltop St-Cirq-Lapopie.

One week cruises from Cahors

  • Cahors, Douelle, Luzech, Arcambal, St Cirq Lapopie, Cahors: 89km, 17 locks, 3hr cruising per day
    89km, 17 locks, 3hr cruising per day
  • Cahors, Vers, St Gery, St Cirq Lapopie, Cahors:
    66 km; 22 locks; 3hr30 cruising per day
  • Cahors, Luzech,  Vers, St Cirq Lapopie, Larnagol, Cahors
    150 km; 34 locks; 4hr30 cruising per day

Weekend cruises from Cahors

  • Cahors, Mercués, Douelle, Luzech, Cahors
    56 km; 6 locks; 3hr30 cruising per day
  • Cahors, Arcambal, St Gery, Cahors
    40km; 16 locks ; 4hr cruising per day

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