River Saone boat rentals

River Saone

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River Saone boat rentals

In the Franche Comte region, renowned for its gastronomy and wines, you can cruise along the unspoilt rivers shaded by oaks and willows, where you may glimpse grey herons, kingfishers or wild ducks. You can either take the Petite Saone with few locks, as well as the Burgundy canal, the river Doubs or even the Canal de la Marne a la Saone.

In the Bresse, famous for its chickens, discover the quiet wetlands and half-timbered houses that make this such a jewel. The river Seille, a tributary of the Saone, is a superb river which runs through the Bresse Bourguignonne.
At Louhans, take time to visit the Monday market amid the arcades of the 16th century.

One week, return cruises

  • Pontailler sur Saone - Dijon and return: River Saone + Burgundy canal:
    136 km, 48 locks, 30 hours cruising
  • Pontailler sur Saone - Chalon sur Saone and return: River Saone:
    194 km, 8 locks, 20 hours cruising
  • Pontailler sur Saone -Scey sur Saone and return: River Saone:
    208 km, 22 locks, 28 hours cruising
  • Louhans - Challon sur Saone, Santenay, St leger sur Dheune and return: River Saone + Canal du Centre:
    222 km, 42 locks, 35 hours cruising
  • Louhans - Challon sur Saone - Verdun sur le Doubs and return:
    200 km, 10 locks, 22 hours cruising
  • Louhans - Macon - Tournus - Chalon sur Saone and return:
    196 km, 10 hours, 21 cruising
  • Louhans - Chalon sur Saone -Santenay - St Leger sur Dheune and return:
    222 km, 42 locks, 35 hours cruising
  • Louhans - St Jean de Losne and return:
    270 km, 14 locks, 28 hours cruising

One week, one-way cruises

  • Pontailler sur Saone - Louhans: River Saone:
    172 km, 9 locks, 25 hours cruising
  • Pontailler sur Saone - Chagny - Louhans, one way: River Saone + Canal du centre + river Seille:
    213 km, 33 locks, 31 hours cruising

Waterways on this route

The Burgundy Canal, The Canal between Champagne and Burgundy, The Centre Canal, The Doubs, The Saône,

France Passion Plaisance rental boats for River Saone

France Passion Plaisance have 14 self-drive boats available in this region

Tarpon 42 self-drive

Tarpon 42

12 guests

Tarpon 32 self-drive

Tarpon 32

8 guests

Nicols 900 self-drive

Nicols 900

7 guests

Triton 860 Fly self-drive

Triton 860 Fly

3 guests

La Peniche F self-drive

La Peniche F

12 guests

Linssen Yacht 36 self-drive

Linssen Yacht 36

6 guests

Triton 1050 self-drive

Triton 1050

8 guests

Tarpon 37 self-drive

Tarpon 37

10 guests

Haines Rive 40 self-drive

Haines Rive 40

8 guests

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