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Join the Nicols base at Kerkdriel in the heart of Holland from where you can discover a vast network of canals and rivers leading you to picturesque towns and villages, adorned with quaint windmills, green meadows and flower fields.  The base is situated just 15km north of Bois le Duc and has two restaurants and a beach: It's the perfect spot from which to begin your trip, whether you choose a loop, return to base or one-way journey.

What will you do?
Cruise in the stunning Biesbosch national park, visit Amsterdam, the largest town in Holland, Maastricht, a city known for the origin of the European Union and Gouda, famous for the tasty cheese.

If you are looking to immerse yourselves in nature, head west into the national park.
If you prefer history, head south to visit the towns... Amsterdam has a rich architecture and of course the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank House. 

You could even head to the coast to visit Rotterdam!

Holland, famous for windmills, cheese, tulips, bicycles and canals,  offers a wide range of cruise routes to suit all interests.

From Kerkdriel:

Short break, return cruise

  • Kerkdriel, Blesboch and return: 120 km, 0 locks, 15 hours cruising 

Weekend break, return cruise

  • Kerkdriel, Heusden, Gorinchem and return: 100 km, 2 locks, 12 hours cruising 

One-week return cruise

  • Kerkdriel, Rotterdam, Gouda, Gorinchem, Heusden, Kerkdriel: 200 km, 9 locks, 25 hours cruising

One-week, one-way cruise

  • Kerkdriel, Gouda, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Usselstein, Montfoort: 220 km, 8 locks, 28 hours cruising

Two-week return cruise

  • Kerkdriel, Bois-le-Duc, Veghel, Maastricht, Venlo, Ravenstein, Kerkdriel: 350 km, 22 locks, 60 hours cruising 

Nicols rental boats for Holland

There are 5 self-drive boats for the Holland

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N DUO rental boat


4 guests
2 adults, child
1 cabin
1 bathroom
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N SIXTO rental boat


8 guests
4 adults, 2 children
3 cabins
2 bathrooms
Save up to 20%
N QUATTRO B rental boat


6 guests
4 adults, 2 children
2 cabins
2 bathrooms
Save up to 10%
N OCTO FLY rental boat


10 guests
4 adults, 4 children
4 cabins
4 bathrooms
Save up to 10%
N QUATTRO FLY C rental boat


6 guests
2 adults, 2 children
2 cabins
2 bathrooms