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The canals of the Nivernais region are simply beautiful. The Nivernais canal connects the Loire basin to that of the Seine while winding its way through the Morvan regional national park. Steeped in history, the canal, built at the end of the 18th century, was used to transport timber from the Morvan to Paris. The Loire canal is equally beautiful and takes you into the heart of the Sancerre vineyards. To the south, the Canal du centre takes you into the Charolais region. This canal connects the Loire and Saone rivers taking you through the Chalonnaises vineyards.

One week, return cruises

  • Chatillon en Bazois - Corbigny and return:
    54 km, 76 locks, 21 hours cruising
  • Chatillon en Bazois - Decize and return:
    106 km, 44 locks, 21 hours cruising
  • Chatillon en Bazois - Clamecy and return:
    126 km, 116 locks, 36 hours cruising
  • Chatillon en Bazois - Nevers and return:
    176 km, 60 locks, 35 hours cruising
  • Digoin - Briennon and return:
    86 km, 16 locks, 19 hours
  • Digoin - Roanne - Digoin- Paray le Monial and return:
    140 km, 28 locks, 32 hours cruising
  • Digoin - Ecuisses and return:
    128 km, 62 locks, 32 hours cruising

One week, one-way cruises

  • Chatillon en Bazois - Digoin:
    117 km, 38 locks, 27 hours cruising
  • Chatillon en Bazois- Coulanges sur Yonne:
    72 km, 62 locks, 26 hours cruising

Two to three weeks, one-way cruises

  • Digoin - Louhans and return:
    384 km, 132 locks, 69 hours cruising 

Waterways on this route

The Nivernais Canal, The Yonne,

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