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We loved our experience on the Horizon 5 from the planning, to the choice of Nivernais canal, to the 90 locks, and especially to the company aboard, 8 family members.  This boat is listed as a "12 person" boat, but we were only 8 and it was perfect for us.  Since we had a couple of family "sailors", they became our captain and first mate, but everybody helped with everything from roping the bollards to cleaning up the kitchen, taking out the recycling and trash, and making sure the toilets didn't clog! (No toilet paper in the toilets, folks!! Captain's orders!) .    We found plenty of places to buy food and ate out in suggested restaurants for dinner most of the time. The full-size kitchen refrigerator was a BIG plus for supplies...feeding eight crew for snacks, happy hour, lunches, and keeping up on bottled water.  So, our trip was in September.  We don't know if the lack of boat traffic was due to the Covid restrictions, or the fact that it was September, but we rarely had to wait for a lock, and found the lock keepers quite helpful and friendly...some wanted help, which our "team" gladly gave them, and others didn't.  Either way was good, but it was fun to get out there and turn those cranks or open the bridges. Going straight through the locks was sometimes tricky, but we got better at it as time went by, and thanks to the bow/stern thrusters!  Communication in France was troublesome but lucky for us we had two crew members who had "full service" phones.  We recommend that strongly.  Our Horizon 5 cruise was a "working and learning cruise", also a delicious adventure, and a family reunion,  all rolled into one.  

Susan D, September 2021

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