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Ratings and comments that guests have given to us after their cruise.

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Hi Emma

We had a great trip. The arrival, boat familiarisation and boat hand-back service at the yard were excellent. The boat was fine. We went south to Chitry, turned round, went north to Champs then returned to the yard - 92 locks. Very little traffic on the canal, which we enjoyed. Good weather, honest simple food and lovely wine. I would return to boat in Bourgogne in the future.

Chris Ecob

Chris Ecob. Nivernais Canal

We had a fantastic time on the barge. Everything we were expecting and more. Spoke to numerous full time bargees who recommended the Nivernais as their favourite, so even more happy with that choice. Mike who gave us the orientation at Chatel Censoir was fantastic! His manner put us at ease straight away.

Sarah Stewart. Yonne river and Nivernais

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