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Thank you for allowing us to have a wonderful cruise with our friends. It was a shame to have the canal damaged, because I think the original cruise destination would have been better for us, but I realize that that was out of your control.

Guests have said...

The boat was quite spacious, nice Gin Deck
Rate it 9/10
The route from Tonnerre to Vermenton is beautiful...
The scenery, ease of finding supplies, delightful friendly locals, no queues at the locks, well organised lock keepers. Customer Service Award goes to the female ticket clerk at Laroche Migennes who was so helpful in providing help and advice to find the best value tickets to get to Vermenton, Tonnerre & back to Paris.
Also the guy that handed the boat to us at Tonnerre was very helpful when we turned up early to collect the boat.
Hotels Afloat: We found you on the internet, rating 10/10, and would book again.
It would be helpful to provide Maps for PEDESTRIANS to navigate from local railway stations to boat collection / return points

Ray Carter, Burgundy. September 2016

The EuroClassic 149 was as expected with plenty of space and good facilities
I'd rate it a 9/10.
We enjoyed the scenery, food and villages in Burgundy
A google search brought us to you. We rate Hotels Afloat 9/10
and found the site useful. Will book again.
There were not many restaurants open on Monday evening in Migenne, we struggled to find somewhere to eat!

Steering is very sluggish on these type of boats. We got the hang of it after a while. Otherwise we really enjoyed it and will be back!

Jenny Meader, Burgundy. September 2016

The boat was really roomy and comfortable for four couples - both in the cabins and up top.
I rate the boat 9/10.
We particularly enjoyed the river sections, where the terrain was most beautiful. Loved the small towns along the way.
We would book with Hotels Afloat again as we had a wonderful time.
Special thanks, Emma, for the great service.

Bruce Weiland. Burgundy

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