France Passion Plaisance terms and conditions

The person hiring the boat must be 18 years old or older and will be held responsible for it.  The company will require the tenant to shown that he/she is a responsible person.  If he/she can not, a full repayment of the fee will be made but without compensation.
Completion of the booking form, accompanied by a deposit of 40% of the hiring fee, will be required to reserve a boat.  The balance must be paid 4 weeks prior to departure. For all bank payments from other countries, the costs will be born by the client.
A deposit of 550€ - 1000€ (accidental damage excess) in cash, cheques, foreign currency or euro cheques will be asked before boarding.  This deposit will be refunded upon return, on the condition that the boat and equipment are brought back in the same state as they left, undamaged, at the hour and place said.  This amount represents the insurance deductible in case of accident, and is used as well for any fees incrurred by damaged material or equipment, or poor maintenance of the boat during the cruise.
Cancellation of Trip
By tenant:
If it becomes necessary to cancel your booking, send a letter of explanation to the hirer as soon as possible. A cancellation fee according to the following scale will be charged:
More than 8 weeks before departure: 150€ cancellation fee
Between 8 and 4 weeks before departure: 40% of hiring fee
Less than 4 weeks prior to departure: 100% of hiring fee
These fees can be refunded in case the boat is re-sold.  The cancellation fee of 150€ is not refundable.
By rental company:
If because of unforeseen circumstances, the renter is unable to provide the boat, another boat of the same size and comfort will be provided.  In cases where this is not possible, the rental company will reimburse any payments made, less any necessary fees.
Insurance for Cancellation of the Trip
This is to gaurantee the payment of cancellation fees that you will have to pay in the event of cancellation;  This insurance is valid if you cancel your trip BEFORE DEPARTURE for one of the following reasons: serious illness, serious accident, death of yourself, your husband or your spouse, a parent or child.  This guarantee is valid for all the people on board.  In case of cancellation, the fees amount to 150 € + amount of the cancellation insurance premium.
The price of the trip includes insurance in case of damage to the boat.  The tenatn and passengers are not insured.  Bicycles are the tenants responsibility. A charge will be made if they are lost or stolen.
An insurance called Pack Croisiere or Pack Croisiere Plus can nevertheless be contracted to cover cruise interruption, damage to the bow thruster, cycling, body damages, and gaurantee buyback.
The tenants must notify all damage to the company, who will advise him/her what to do.  The tenant or the victim of the accident will not be eligible for compensation if the trip has to be cancelled.
The boat will be at the tenant's disposal after the following formal proceedures: Payment of the balance, payment of the security deposit - inventory of the boat.
The tenant can legitimately refuse to take possession of the boat if it does not correspond with the one presented in the brochure, if essential equipment is not in working order, or it has not been cleaned.
The boat must be returned by the time and date agreed, except in unforseeable circumstances.  The boat should be returned to the company in the same state as it was handed over and according to the inventory.  The company may make a charge for late return or if the boat is abandoned.  The company reserves the right to charge the tenant for any excess fees incurred by the late return or abandonment of the boat.  The return venue may be changed due to any circumstances beyond the company's control.
Use of Boat by hire
The tenant must respect all regulations relating to river or sea navigation.  It is forbidden to cruise at night, as well as to tow other boats.  The captain can not take on passengers not agreed on at the time of boarding.
Canal Impassable
In case of flooding or low water levels, damage to the waterways or any other events that may prevent navigation, the company, can in these circumstances, change the dates and places of departure. If the same circumstances make the trip impossible, the payment can be used for a similar trip at a future date if this is practicable. These conditions apply when the events happen during the trip and only if the boat is immobilised for more than 48 hours.
The cost of hire includes assistance in case of breakdown.  Tenants should arrange for any necessary repairs in accordance with the rules of hire.
Breakdown not attributable to the tenant
If immobilisation due to breakdwon exceeds 24 hours, the company will reimburse  the tenant the amount he has paid in proportion to the time of the immobilisation. This time counts from the moment the tenant informs the company of the breakdown. The tenant should not intevene in any way unless in an emergency.
Breakdowns attributable to the hiree
It is is proved that the breakdown is the hirers fault, the tenant will receive no compensation in case of cancellation of the trip.  The company will keep the deposit to pay for repairs.
Boat's equipment and Personal effects
The tenant undetakes to notify all lost, damaged or stolen equipment and will be required to pay for it.  The company is not responsible for loss or damage cuased in any way to the personal effects of the  hirer.
Pets are welcome on board.  Nevertheless, the tenant will not however be allowed to use the bedding, plates or dishes for his/her pet.  Any ncessary equipement must be provided by the tenant.
One way cruise from base to another
Even if accepted by the company, a one way cruise is never gauranteed due to the uncertainties that may affect the process.  The company may, for legitimate reasons and upon repayment of the one way fee, impose a return cruise or, in case of a return cruise, impose a one way cruise.  The tenant must phone the departure base 48 hours before boarding.
Unless by prior written consent, the cruises begin and end the day and at the locations as indicated on the confirmation letter.  However,the company reserves the right to, for operation purposes, change the place of boarding or landing, and/or change a return trip into a one way trip in the same region without extra charge.
Abandonment of vessel
In case of abandonment of the boat, except in cases of sustained or prolonged inpraticability of the canal, the company will charge the customer the expenses of the repatriation of the boat to the base, and as well as the expenses of the hourly package and cleaning package, the customer will also be charged 500 euros +  a daily package of 380euros.
Description of the boats
The drawings are the copy of the descriptions of the boats but can have small changes in some regions.
Litigation and Applicable law
This contract is governed by french law. All disputes arising from this contract , in terms of its validity, interpretation, performance or termination may result in the dispute being submitted to the competent courts in accordance with ordinary law.  No claim will be accepted 15 days after the boat has been returned.

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