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Cruising in southern Burgundy in the heart of the countryside, you will see herons, kingfishers and the famous white "Charolais" cows grazing or looking for some shade under the trees bordering the river Saone.

Discover the rich cultural heritage of this region that goes back to the dark middle ages while enjoying the local wines, cheeses and of course the famous Bresse chickens.

One-week cruises

Gigny sur Saone - Dole - Gigny sur Saone: river Saone + Canal du Rhone au Rhin: 200 km; 22 locks; 32 hours

Gigny sur Saone - Louhans - St Jean de Losne - Gigny sur Saone: river Saone, river Seille: 260 km; 14 locks; 35 hours

Gigny sur Saone - Dijon - Gigny sur Saone: river Saone + Burgundy canal: 220 km, 48 locks, 40 hours

Two-weeks cruises

Gigny sur Saone - Corre - Gigny sur Saone: river Saone: 540 km; 44 locks: 4 tunnels; 60 hours

Gigny sur Saone - Digoin - Gigny sur Saone: river Saone + Canal du Centre: 270 km; 122 locks, 88 hours

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