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In the Ardennes, close to the Belgium border, enjoy cruising on the canals through wild and wooded landscapes. Natural parks of Montherme, Thilay or Bogny sur Meuse, and the natural sites of the Dames de Meuse at Laifour, the castles and fortress at Hierges, Givet, Sedan and Namur all await discovery.

This is a nature-lovers ideal cruise region.

One week, return cruises

  • Pont-à-Bar - Dun-sur-Meuse and return: 130 km, 24 locks, 21 hours cruising
  • Pont-à-Bar - Furmay and return: 95 km, 24 locks, 20 hours cruising
  • Pont-à-Bar - Verdun and return: 220 km, 44 locks, 35 hours cruising
  • Pont-à-Bar - Berry au Bac and return: 120 km, 80 locks, 30 hours cruising

One week, one-way cruises

  • Pont-à-Bar - Dinant: 112 km, 23 locks, 25 hours cruising

Two or three weeks, return cruises

  • Pont-à-Bar - Stenay - Verdun -Saint Mihiel and return: 290 km, 72 locks, 54 hours cruising
  • Pont-à-Bar - Berry-au-Bac - Reims - Epernay and return: 280 km, 142 locks, 70 hours cruising

France Passion Plaisance rental boats for Ardennes

France Passion Plaisance have 2 self-drive boats available in this region

Nicols 1170 self-drive

Nicols 1170

10 guests

Nicols 1000 self-drive

Nicols 1000

8 guests

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