Mam Goz terms and conditions


In these “Booking Terms and Conditions” the names of SASU FLUVIAL TOUR and HOTEL BARGE
MAM GOZ are equally used as the legal entity SASU FLUVIAL TOUR is the company that owns
and operate the HOTEL BARGE MAM GOZ.


These rates include:

These rates do not include:


Reservation will be confirmed once a deposit of 30% of the cost of the cruise has been received by
SASU FLUVIAL TOUR, Payment can be made via Direct Bank Transfer. The
payment of the balance of 70% must be received by SASU FLUVIAL TOUR no later than 90
(ninety) days prior to departure. If final payment is not received by this date SASU FLUVIAL TOUR
may, at its option, cancel the booking and keep the deposit as compensation, unless another
agreement is made with the client.


Cancellation by passengers: Cancellation by passengers must be made in writing. The following
terms apply to passenger cancellations: more than 90 days prior to departure, the deposit is not
refundable, 0 to 90 days prior to departure, full payment is forfeited unless another agreement is
made with the client.

Cancellation by SASU FLUVIAL TOUR: In the event of cancellation of the cruise by SASU
FLUVIAL TOUR an alternative date for the cruise will be proposed. Otherwise, the company will
refund the sums already paid.

In the case of force majeure SASU FLUVIAL TOUR reserves the right to make any necessary
changes to the itinerary, cruise dates (see the previous paragraph), pick up/drop off points. The
HOTEL BARGE MAM GOZ will inform the clients as soon as is reasonably possible of any such
changes. Such events would generally include technical closing of navigation along waterways,
lock blockings, canal works, low water levels, heavy wind, flooding, mechanical or technical
problems with the HOTEL BARGE MAM GOZ, industrial dispute, natural disasters, etc.


For the safety and comfort of all passengers, smoking is authorized only outside the barge and on
the decks, except on heavy wind or on captain’s request, for safety reasons.


The passengers are responsible for any breakages or damage caused by themselves during the
cruise (including the loss of a bicycle) and it is then the responsibility of the client to replace or
reimburse the object lost or broken.
SASU FLUVIAL TOUR shall not be liable for any injury, damage, inconvenience or expense due to
the act of default, or action by any subcontractor associated with the cruise.


Important - By booking the cruise, the passenger represents that he/she is in good general health
and can participate in the cruise.
Insurance: SASU FLUVIAL TOUR is insured for any category of prejudice that a passenger could
suffer during the cruise.
Although this English translation is fair, only the French text will be accepted in case of a dispute.
Any dispute would be settled by Courts depending on the Tribunal de Nîmes