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Hi Emma,
We enjoyed the barge cruise very much.
The service on board was superb!
Sincere regards,
Donna and Barry Beach

Donna and Barry Beach, USA. September 2009

The chef was fantastic, and the food was great. Loved the intimacy of travelling with a smaller group which is invaluable for pax travelling alone... The opportunity to get off and walk or cycle along the towpaths... I rate the Luciole 10/10!
The personal service provided by Emma was exemplary, and her dedication to looking after her clients - virtually 24/7 including weekends, was very impressive. Her knowledge of the product she is promoting, and her willingness to answer all questions promptly was very much appreciated and should ensure customer satisfaction wherever the client is located. I would heartily recommend her, and the Hotels Afloat booking site to any with whom I come in contact.

Joy Bangsund. August 2012

I rate the Luciole 9/10: Liked the attention of the staff
The Nivernais is a small canal, lovely but weather not as good as hoped for and some of the moorings had to be changed .

Thanks Emma for making the connection to the Luciole so seamless. Needing an entire boat for a workshop is a little more to organize than just one couple. Appreciate all you did and thanks for coming by to say hello.

Elizabeth Opalenik, USA. April 2015

The barge trip was fantastic. The crew, the food, the excursions, the barge were all great.
The crew was pleasant and funny. The food was a gourmet treat every day. The barge accommodations were very good.
The excursions were well organized and easy to attend/participate in with the bus.

The trip was sensational with not enough superlatives to describe all the wonderful aspects of the trip. Ann, Laurann, and I had a fantastic time with you, Ramona, Robin, Steffen, and Leo. It was a trip we will remember for many years to come. Thank you again.

Jim Hofmann; USA, April 2017

We appreciated It's small size, fabulous crew, and the opportunity for our family to be together. I rate the boat 9/10
The Nivernais Canal was quiet (unlike other canals in France), beautiful scenery
I'd rate Hotels Afloat a 10! and would book again
Everything was fabulous! Thank you, Emma!

Ann Hofmann; April 2017

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