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Guests ratings

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The Magnolia went above and beyond our expectations!
The crew Magali & Nico (and beautiful little Mila) went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed every minute of the holiday.
We rate the barge 10/10
We appreciated the peace and quiet with amazing restaurants
Google lead us to Hotels Afloat, and we rate you a 10 for attention to details and help and would book again.

Nico mentioned they may move the barge one year, if they do we would love to know so we can come again!



Hi Emma
My apologies I did intend to write and thank you once we had returned yet once again life and its tribulations got in the way!
We absolutely loved Magnolia and the beautiful Magali & Nico. Milan was a wonderful surprise "extra crew" and it made it very special for our daughter to have little Mila to visit during the day. I have to say we were surprised when we first saw Mila as we hadn't heard so much as a peep from her! The worlds quietest no happy baby!!
We didn't have the best weather, I think it rained every day, but this didn't stop us having an amazing time and I think the overcast weather was a blessing as it meant we could happily ride or walk along the canals without getting sunburnt (us Aussies are quite scared of the sun 
Caroline Lehman, July 2017

Thank you! We have travelled often to many places - This week was the best vacation/adventure ever!  
You have a beautiful peniche, a great crew, and a perfect, smoothly running operation. Thank you, thank you, thank you for our great experience!

Tony & Connie Price, USA; June 2017

What a magic and memorable time we had on Magnolia.  Never imagined the variety of things we would do in a short time! Magali's knowledge of the region was very much appreciated!  And of course, the tennis-organizing that for us.  The entire team provided us with the best holiday ever.  We hope to return...  Suzy

Certainly everything exceeded our expectations, especially the flexibility and grace of the crew.  We feel we saw France, the country and the culture at its best.  Jim

Jim & Suzy Donahue; June 2017

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