What’s new at Hotels Afloat for 2024?

While we’re enjoying an Indian Summer in Europe, here at Hotels Afloat, we are busily preparing for 2024 and beyond.

We’ve always prided ourselves on providing a personalized service and enabling our guests to find the perfect choice of cruise. How do we make this happen?

Our annual review of guests’ post-cruise feedback enables us to improve that service each season: We listen to your comments and take action accordingly.

My Favourites

Our IT expert has updated our website with new features such as the “My Favourites” My Favourites icon .
As you scroll through our site, you can click on self-drive boats or luxury hotel barges of interest, adding them to your favourites so that when you return to the site, even a week later, you can find them promptly. Once you’ve gathered your favourites together, it’s a simple click to send us your list, ready for further advice and a quotation.

Personal space

All our clients now have a personal space too, where they can check all cruise documents at any time: No more scrolling through emails to check something, and no need to print those documents either.

New boats, new adventures…

This week we’re launching two new luxurious hotel barges, the Kir Royale cruising in the Champagne region of France, and the Johanna, cruising on the Canal du Midi.
Why not hop over to our hotel barge listings now for more information, including our Launch Offers?

All the barges

We’ll also be launching a new product range shortly!