The Summer season starts here!

Cruise ship Aurora
Cruise ship Aurora

The sunshine has arrived in Europe, and our guests are having a fabulous time on their barge cruises.
We’ve already received some fabulous feedback from some of them.

“Hi Emma,
We’ve just returned from cruising on the hotel barge, Aurora. Words cannot express how wonderful the experience was. This had been our fifth time barging so we speak from experience when we say that the Aurora is the finest barge we have seen. The barge itself is the most spacious and elegantly beautiful we have ever laid eyes on. The attention to detail fully lived up to its six-star rating. The cabins were spacious and lovely, as well as repeatedly being attended to throughout the day. The level of cleanliness of the entire barge was nearly miraculous. The abundant floral arrangements, the service ware, and the furnishings; tasteful elegance were apparent wherever your eye turned. Additionally, our every whim was catered to. We cannot even begin to praise the FOOD!  Delicious, delectable, decadent! Mouth-watering meals left us speechless. The pairing of wines and cheeses as well were perfectly chosen…Thank you for introducing us to the best barge ever! “

“Hi Emma,
We just returned home from our barge trip and have had time to let the experience sink in.  For as long as I can remember, our trip to Tanzania to see the Great Migration was by far our favourite trip.
Being on the Aurora with Steve and Karina has become an experience nothing will ever surpass.  This was all about the people- our barge mates and our hosts.  There is no way to put into words how meaningful and special this was.

Thanks, Emma for your part in making this happen,
Tom and Gretchen A”

With feedback like this, what more is there to say?

Aurora is now cruising in France and Holland so if you would like to enjoy the best cruise ever, contact us today!

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