Are you ready?

It’s all systems go here at Hotels Afloat this week.
We’ve been busy confirming a hotel barge charter for the Summer and sourcing a number of
self-drive cruises too.

We pride ourselves on helping our guests find the best possible cruise to suit their needs.
We are not a ‘bottoms on seats’ company, so whatever you choose, you will receive the same attention and help from your first enquiry onwards.

We want you to love your cruise so much that you’ll spread the word about Hotels Afloat, and come back again and again.

To ensure that you have a 100% positive experience with us, we are always happy to answer any questions, however big or small they may seem to you. We are ready to help, as always.

To finish the day, here are some questions that we’ve helped with this week:

Q: Can I bring my well-behaved dog? Absolutely! They love cruising!

Ahoy there!

Q: Is it possible to fish? Yes, but please respect the wildlife, and always clear up any tackle.

Leave some for me!

Q: Will my kids get bored?
It’s extremely unlikely! There is plenty to see and do onboard and ashore. They can help you steer the boat, go cycling, swimming, and step away from the screens for a while! Rest assured, you can charge your appliances should they ‘need’ them.

Family fun

Q: Can we choose 2 boats rather than 1 large one?

Absolutely! You may select two or more boats from the same fleet: You’ll even get an extra discount!
We will help you work out the best combination.
Just remember that the earlier you book, the more choice there will be.

How about two pénichettes?

Q: Which region would you recommend, Emma?
Oh, how I love this one! It opens up a great discussion about interests, sites to see, river versus canal, etc etc etc! The vast majority of our guests are interested in culture, wines and history. Last season, Burgundy and the South of France were our top destinations. Whatever you’re looking to see and do, we can help. Check out all our destinations here.

Q: Can you recommend a private B&B or apartment in Paris, please?
Of course, over the years we have made numerous contacts. Try this one in Paris with a sunny balcony for a sumptuous breakfast each morning with your fabulous hostess.

Q: How do I get from Madrid to Briare? It seems so complicated!
Rest assured, we can point you in the right direction whether you wish to fly, travel by train or hire a car.

Contact us today to book your next stay, or to ask me any questions!