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COVID-19 information

This is a difficult and stressful time for everyone concerned.  For you, our guests, but also for our staff. 
New legislation has been introduced by the French government,  and we are obliged by law to follow the procedures there in.
In lieu of refunds, all our clients will be offered a choice of alternative dates, or a credit note towards a future cruise.
Our staff  have the right to respect.  Passive-aggressive emails and/or telephone calls will not be tolerated.
Nor will such action change the outcome. 

Hotels Afloat are doing the best to keep you informed about the COVID-19 virus and the implications it may have on your reservation.

Depending on the hire-fleet that you have reserved with, please read the relevant information below:


Dear Client,
Please be aware that there have been important legislative changes related to the Covid-19 crisis, which will affect the conditions for cancelling your reservation with Locaboat.
Ordinance n° 2020-315 was published on March 26, 2020 in the Official Journal, with reference to the financial conditions for the resolution of certain tourist travel and stay contracts in the event of exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, or force majeure.

Which travel arrangements are affected?
The new regulations, in the event of cancellation, apply to tourist packages and travel services sold uniquely (hotels, rentals).
Your self-drive boat rental with Locaboat, therefore, falls under this definition.
Only transportation tickets (flights, trains, coaches) are not affected by these regulations.
This new cancellation policy applies to all trips cancelled between March 1 and September 15, 2020.

The new ordinance provides a temporary statutory exemption, which allows the event/trip organizer

  • whether the cancellation is of their own initiative or that of the client – to “propose a credit instead
    of reimbursement” to the amount of which must be “equal to that of all payments made “.
    More precisely, this means that LOCABOAT is no longer required to apply its general conditions of
    sale in terms of cancellations, but has the right to offer you, in the event of cancellation, uniquely a
    credit equivalent to the amount already paid.
    This credit is valid for period of 18 months, which allows you to postpone and reschedule your boat
    As required by law, LOCABOAT commits:
    • to inform you by email or post, within thirty days of receiving your cancellation request
  • the amount of the credit from which you benefit
  • the time and deadline conditions
  • the validity period for the credit (18 months)
    • to offer you, within a maximum period of three months from receipt of this notice, a service
    “identical or equivalent to the service provided for by the contract terminated” without the price
    thereof being higher than that of the initial contract. This proposal will also be valid for eighteen months.
    You, therefore, have 18 months to postpone your LOCABOAT cruise.
    Rest assured that our sales teams will make every possible effort to offer you satisfactory cruise alternatives.

We thank you for your comprehension, and of course, our team remains available for any further
inquiries you may have on this matter.


Following the Government decree 2020-315, no refunds will be issued for any cancellations received from March 1st onwards.

For a cancellation request that occurs:
– between 4 and 10 weeks before departure: No cancellation fee (normally 40%) if the customer chooses to postpone rather than cancelling his cruise
– more than 10 weeks before departure: no administration fee (normally 150 euros) if the customer chooses to postpone rather than cancelling his cruise.  No refunds

Terms and conditions offered:
1) If new date of cruise is in a more expensive period: no additional cost if the cruise takes place before 30/06/2020 (subject to change)
reduction of 50% of the additional cost if the cruise takes place in a more expensive period, during the 2020 season; Additional costs to be paid by the customer if he postpones the cruise in 2021
2) If the new date of the new cruise is in a cheaper period: the over received sums can be used to pay options and fuel cost. 3)balance of the cruise (if not paid yet) has to be paid 30 days before the new date of departure if in 2020

Le Boat

France Afloat
In accordance with this new legislation of 25/03/2020, in the case of cancellation due to the current situation and Covid-19,  our cancellation conditions have now been overridden and we will now be offering you a credit note of the sums already paid, valid for 18 months.

You will be able to use this credit note for a new cruise during the 2020 season or during next year, 2021.

The conditions for the delayed cruise are as follows:

  1. if the new date of cruise is in a more expensive period:
  • no additional cost if the cruise takes place before 30/06/2020 (subject to change)
  • reduction of 50% of the additional cost if the cruise takes place in a more expensive period, during the 2020 season ;
  • additional cost to be paid by the customer if the cruise is postponed to2021
  1. if the new date of cruise is in a cheaper period: the over payment can be used to pay options and fuel costs.
  1. balance of the cruise (if not paid yet) has to be paid 56 days before the new date of departure.

If you indicated your intention to cancel, we will suspend your reservation and issue a credit note by email and letter. As stated, the credit note will be valid for 18 months and will be for the amount paid for boat hire and associated services (one way etc.) but will not cover the cost of map books or insurance.

As soon as you have your new dates for your cruise please inform our team at the booking office, who will confirm the availability and pricing. Once you accept this rearranged cruise, we will confirm the reservation from our booking system.

France Passion Plaisance

Further to the publication of the law ordinance 25/03/2020: no reimbursement will be made for all departures cancelled between 1 March and 15 September 2020.

For all cruises whose departure is cancelled because of the Covid-19, we maintain the conditions below.

– Postponement to other dates in 2020 – 2021 or even 2022

If the new date is in a higher rate period, the customer will have to pay the difference.
– A credit note that can be used on a future rental in 2020 – 2021 or even 2022.

In this case, the cruise is cancelled, we will send you the credit note invoice and the client will be able to come back to you to book his new cruise and use his credit note.

And for all new bookings made before 30 April 2020 (with a departure date before 31/10/2020) :
– Cancellation free of charge up to 48 hours before boarding with postponement or credit note (valid in 2020 or 2021).

International rules and regulations may be or will be in place which is beyond our control. Check with your local government.
Please note that the information provided here may change at any moment.

Latest updates

19/03/2020 From France Passion Plaisance, Les Canalous
The Voies Navigables de France (VNF) network has informed us of the closure of French canals until April 20, 2020. This concerns Burgundy, Alsace and the Canal du Midi.
For Brittany, we know that the opening is postponed to April 30, 2020.
As regards the Lot – Charente and Mayenne rivers: we are still waiting for details.
Therefore, customers can postpone their APRIL 2020 cruise to later in 2020 or 2021. Please contact us to reschedule your dates.
Voies Navigables de France are responsible for all the inland waterways in France.