Welcome to Noyer!
Nestled in the heart of the Yonne region, Noyer-sur-Serein is well worth exploring.  We visited on a very hot and sunny day, 8th August 2018…

This stunning Medieval village with it’s cobbled streets, timbered houses including this one dating from 1545


and ancient church with stunning stained-glass windows


provides the perfect back-drop for a market each Wednesday morning.
A variety of goods are available including locally produced honey, cheese, “saucisson”,  wine,  fruit and vegetables.

But also clothing, jewelry and even mattresses!
A local craftsman re-upholsters chairs while a local ‘brocanteur’ has an interesting array of antiques for sale at very reasonable rates.
We bought a wonderfully joyful postcard sent from Reims to Arcy-sur-Cure, in the Yonne, telling of Liberation.  Imagine the happiness that this must have brought to Mme Colette Vincent!


If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you are in for a real treat here in Noyer-sur-Serein.  Explore each quiet ‘ruelle’, look up, look down…

Stop and pause for a while, enjoy a coffee and croissant,  cool refreshments, or lunch.  You’ll be glad you came.